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Advanced Production System ( production systems) (APS) 
Advanced Management Information Systems (AMIS)
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Decision theory & Multi Criteria Decision Optimization (MCDO)
Management Information System (MIS)
Operations Research (OR)
Productivity & Quality Management (PQM)
Production & Operations Management (POM)
Queuing system (QSYS)
Quantitative Operations Management (QOM)
Revenue Management & Stochastic Optimization (RM)

Scheduling & Sequencing  Methods (SSM)

System Dynamics Modeling and analysis (SDM)

Strategic information system management (SIS)

Structured system development (SSD)
Strategic management (STM)

Total quality Management (TQM)

Technology management (TM)

E-Learning , Strategic information system (E-SIS) 
Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Advanced Production & Operations Management (APOM)